Rise Shave Cream Reviews

"Found this stuff at the Dollar Tree for one dollar. Thought I'd give it a shot. It was not what I expected. It is a non lather cream , and it is seems less like a cream and more like a shave oil. A little goes a long way. You also cannot see what you have shaved because it goes on clear. It is super slick. It smells lemony, kind of like williams. It worked pretty good by itself but I think I might try it as a preshave and put some VDH soap or Proraso on top and see how it goes. My skin was very soft and smooth after using. It contains olive oil and aloe along with a lot of other stuff. They also make a gel in a tube that lathers, think I'll get that and try it as well. Anybody else use this stuff? What do you think? For a dollar I think it's a great deal."


* * *

"This is my favorite shaving cream. I'm so glad they still at least sell it online."

    H Anhonyon

* * *

"I always enjoyed using Rise shaving cream. Thank goodness they still sell it here at Amazon.com because it's no Longer in stores where I live. Rise has a nice scent and the razor glides well with the cream on your face. Your face feels very smooth after every shave. I hope this cream will always be around. I love it."


* * *

"Love this stuff but it's hard to find."

    Norman E. Capleo

* * *

"My boyfriend loves it, he's happy, I'm happy."


* * *

"I was happy to find this product again. It will make a great Father's Day gift for my husband, Thank you"

    Jeanee R. Goldbeegon

* * *

"Works and lasts long time because you don't have to use a lot each time you use it. great product"

    Marian Grooveron

* * *

"This is an easy to apply, thick shaving cream in a great size for home use or travel. I will be reordering this product."


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"I bought this product for my son. He has sensitive skin and most shave creams cause irritation. Rise is the only product he has never had a problem with."


* * *

"I would recommend this product to all that shave; its cool, it lathers well and I get no nicks; I love it..."


* * *

"First found this at Big Lots Discount Store. Always looking for a good shave product so I tried it. It was less than a buck a tube, so why not. Now I search for this stuff whenever I shop there. I've used many high end soap, cream, & gel products including: The Art of Shaving, KOS (King Of Shave), Jack Black, Anthony, Neutrogena, and others. This competes with them all!!!

I've tried almost every high end product out there trying to find the closest shave possible that wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin. I've definitely done my homework with razors, pre-shave oils, shave creams and soaps and gels, and post shave balms. I can testify that the most expensive may not always be the best for you (keep in mind everyone's skin and beard is different). I keep this in my overnight bag because of it's size, ease of use, and comfort while traveling.

Currently I'm using a Dorco 6 blade Razor (online only; here at amazon or dorcousa.com - 1/3rd the price of a fusion) with Jack Black Supreme Cream. I've had a jar under the sink for a while and decided to finish up the jar. Once that's gone I'll use this as my primary shave gel. That'll give me plenty of time to stock up on the 2oz tubes.

I finally asked myself; "Self, what the hell are you doing going broke on this expensive stuff when you found a great product you ONLY use when you travel..." Really!!? Now I have great shave products that don't break my bank. Do some research and try it for yourself. You'll be surprised!"


* * *

"I was at a local dollar store and thought I'd give this cream a try. My review is as simple as I enjoyed it. Smooth shave with no razor burn."


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