Classic Legendary Shaving Cream
Best Natural Traditional Shaving Foam

Classic Shaving CreamWith over six decades of formulating and manufacturing track record, the legendary Rise Shaving Cream affords both men and women incredibly soothing shaving foams for luxurious comfort at very affordable prices.  Preserving high levels of moisture throughout the shaving process is quintessential to its uniquely satisfying experience. The rise shave cream formulation  allows more water to enter the hair shaft, leading to the hair becoming softer, more pliable and easier to cut

The Rise supremely rich lather itself consists of a mixture of artfully selected ingredients manufactured under carefully controlled conditions to ensure proper pH and consistency. It has become a classic legendary shave cream thanks to  its unparalleled properties:

Superb Protective Lubrication

Rise shaving foams have a high content of natural oils which lubricate and protect the skin making it easier for the blade to glide over the skin surface and cut the hair with luxurious comfort.

Extreme Moisturizing

The moisture content of Rise shaving cream is exceedingly high. So high in fact, that it affords a comfortable shave even without water. So imagine how great it is with water.

Emolliating the Skin, to keep it Healthy

The Rise shave creams are scientifically formulated without any harsh ingredients. They are infused with natural emollients that help the skin recover after the shave

So, whether you are blessed with a perfect skin type and savor every shave, or experience some little bumps along the way, our expert luxurious shave creams will help you feel amazingly safe and pampered.

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